90 Day Emergency Shelter

ECTLC’s Emergency Housing Program, funded primarily by HUD Community Development Block Grants and the City of El Cajon, can take a family off the streets and put them in a safe, clean room for a short-term stay. They are provided with meals, toiletries, linens, and counseling. They have the opportunity to enter one of our longer-term programs, or we will check local resources to help them find a longer-term program that will suit their needs. Available rooms are limited.

Unfortunately, funds are also limited and we have restricted this program to cold-weather months, usually October through March. We are looking for partners to provide matching funds to operate Emergency Housing on a year-long basis. These contributions are always tax-deductible.

Although we are a religious nonprofit, this Emergency program is secular and does not require participation in Bible studies or other classes. However, the stay is very short-term, and they will soon need to decide whether to participate in one of our long-term programs, or find a program more suited to their situation. The exact length of their stay will be determined by their case plan, their options, available rooms, & funding.