Past Monthly Articles

Jennifer Miller entered our Women’s Discipleship Training Ministry in January 2017 she is now a responsible, essential member of our front desk team.  The following is the story in her own words, of how she arrived here at ECTLC.

“Twenty seven years ago I accepted the Lord into my life, or at least felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit. During those years I married, had three children and began going to Church as a family.  I was baptized and began to hear the Word of God however merely hearing the Word  was not enough to stop my struggle with alcohol which ultimately ended my first marriage.

“I entered into a second marriage with a man I met at AA.  We stayed sober for 7 years with support from the AA program instead of my now wavering faith and commitment to the Lord and although he acknowledged my Christianity we never attended Church. During this marriage I battled my alcoholism as well as several serious health issues including cancer.  My husband allowed me to fight these battles on my own and eventually abandoned me.

“I moved closer to my children in California and began to manage a sober living home in Linda Vista, but still not relying on Christ. After a year and a half there I answered a cry for help from my son who desperately needed help with his new son.  I relied on my own understanding and strength to deal with the spirit of oppression that now consumed my son.  He was mad at God and the world, I thought I could save the day on my own.  I arrived spiritually bankrupt into an explosive situation and it was only a month before I ended my sobriety of seven plus years and had a drink.

“After running out of money I ended up on the street, my legs had atrophied after a 20 day run of a half a gallon a day of vodka that I had delivered to my hotel room.  I had a homeless man carry me to a safe place under an overhang where he and his dog watched over me to keep me safe. I wanted to die at this point and even though this man begged me to go to the hospital because my DT’s were so bad, I refused.  He called the ambulance for me the next morning as I experienced my first seizure living on the street.

“In that hospital I finally asked God for help, I cried out to Him for a Christian based place to take me in, I found myself at ECTLC.  Since that day last January I have grown daily in mind, body, and soul.  My physical pain is barely a hindrance and my emotional anguish is healed.  I have laid down my entire life, future, family, and all that I am at His feet.  Every step I take is now for Him.

“I am now blessed to be serving in the front office.  I am able to minister to those that come in as broken, as I was.  I can share my story and hope that with a little bit of faith, Christ can heal their lives.  I will be volunteering my time here even after I move onto the sober living home that a staff member here has opened. Diane Wheeler, who manages the ECTLC Women’s Ministry, She has been and will continue to be my mentor.  She has watched me transform, reunite with my family, and learn to trust God with my life”.