Past Monthly Articles

ECTLC celebrated the retirement of our beloved Pastor, Counselor, Musician, and friend, JD Loveland, on Sunday afternoon at the Christian Fellowship of El Cajon Sanctuary.  Pastor JD held many services, led many praise and worship songs, and taught many classes in this building and it was thought to be the perfect place to say good-bye.

Pastor Robert and his staff provided a wonderful barbeque lunch for the hundreds of people that showed up to wish JD well.  Following the lunch everyone gathered in the sanctuary to “roast” JD and thank him for his many years of service.  Some were tearful farewells, some showed gratitude for the many years of love, counsel, and friendship, and some were humorous remembrances of fun times and situations.

JD has been an important part of the life and story of ECTLC.  He has been there from the beginning as a Pastor, confidante, friend, and has served in every position that he has been needed in.  He has been a mentor, advocate, and counselor to many hundreds of disciples in our programs.  Many of those that spoke at the event were thanking him for changing their lives and the lives of their families and children. Barbara Preston, a longtime member of the ECTLC Board of Directors, spoke about the first time she and her husband met JD and how that meeting resulted in their long term support of our programs.   He has also been a source of strength and understanding for Pastor Harold and all of the staff that consider him a friend.

Senator Joel Anderson sent his best wishes and a Certificate of Appreciation that was presented by his staff member Michael Malucci,   Mayor Bill Wells provided a Certificate of Appreciation for the many years of service JD has provided to the City of El Cajon through his work at ECTLC.  JD was also presented a beautiful award from ECTLC to thank him for his tireless work in 15 years of service  helping those in our programs.

JD and his wife Kris will be moving to Arizona in less than two weeks and retiring together to a beautiful new home where they will begin a new chapter in their lives.  They will continue to make frequent trips to visit us and continue their weekend “house sitting” jobs that they have been doing the past few years.  They will be enjoying their time with many of the activities they haven’t had time to indulge in while working.

We all celebrate the new life that JD and Kris will be living but we will miss him beyond measure.  He has been an integral part of the success that ECTLC has achieved.  We look forward to his upcoming visits and stories of his adventures.