Past Monthly Articles

One of our dads, Joe, and his wife took 4 of our boys to a basketball game last Saturday. These boys play on a team that had a 0-4 record for the year. They had an early morning game so the attendance was limited and even the Coach did not show up. They were about to concede the game when Joe’s wife said that he should get up and serve as the coach. Her logic was that he played basketball all the time on a Play Station 4 so he should be able to lead the team. He reluctantly agreed and went to the court where the boys were waiting. He gathered the boys together in a circle and led them in a prayer, allowing anyone that wanted to, to join in. With his direction the boys played a different game that day and won for the first time!!! They are still celebrating that victory and each one knows that taking time to say that prayer was the real difference in their game.

East County Transitional Living Center is now home to over 150 children. While the parent(s) of these children are working at restoring their lives and the lives of their families, the children should be busy being kids. Many of these children have faced situations that would be difficult for an adult and they have had to deal with the consequences of the actions of their parents with little or no choice. Many times the children have been restored to their parent(s) from the care of relatives or CPS services, some have seen physical abuse in their homes, some have been witness to abuse of drugs and/or alcohol, and some have even been the victims of the abuse.

It is our desire to provide these children with as “normal” a home life as possible even in these circumstances. One of the most beneficial experiences that we can offer these kids is to expose them to activities that are physically and mentally stimulating. Once they are on our campus they are required to be enrolled in school so they can participate in activities that are offered through their classes. We are also pleased to be able to provide them, with your help, activities such as basketball, baseball, football, and boxing. Currently we have 4 basketball players, 10 baseball players, and a dozen that would like to take boxing classes.

If you would like to help provide these children with the items they need, such as bats, mitts, gloves, bags, and special clothing please make a donation marked “FRM Children’s Sports”.