Happy New Year Brothers and Sisters,

Boy what an exciting year we had in 2017! It has fueled the flame of excitement in me for what I believe will happen in 2018. The harvest is certainly plentiful as we saw over 1500 men, women, and children cross our threshold and seek a new life through the training and services that ECTLC has been able to provide. One thing that really excites me is our vision to build two new ministry buildings this year. This will increase our capacity to present the life changing Gospel of Christ to an additional 40-50 families that I have to currently postpone entry. As I said many times before, ”it is heartbreaking for me to have to tell anyone that comes seeking help that I cannot minister to their needs because of lack of available housing especially when we have the land and space to allow for expansion.” We have earnestly been praying for the funds and partnerships needed to accomplish this vision for over 5 years.

Over the last decade I have witnessed innumerable Miracles including seeing a pathway for 1000s of children to escape the consequences of generations of bad choices. As the lives of parents were transformed by the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ, their children also learned a new way of life that will insure against them repeating the same sins of their parents and thus escape the corruption of the world that ultimately leads to death. We are just beginning to see children of past graduates going to college, entering into the military, starting their own families, attending church regularly, and being proactive in community affairs. This gives my heart great joy as I realize that expanding our ability to increase our ministry capacity this year will create a lasting legacy for tens of thousands more in the future.

After serving in the ministry for almost 30 years, I have been honored to work and associate with many city and county public figures, social service agencies, and faith-based organizations who are concerned about the increase of homeless and transient population in our county. I am amazed at the tremendous amount of money and effort that goes into trying to solve an endless problem. Each year the point in time homeless census shows an increase in our homeless population .The federal funding for this epidemic is over a half billion dollars just for San Diego County. I have attended countless initiative meetings, forums, and think-tank groups but it appears as though the temporary solutions are endless: referrals to waiting shelters and housing sources with long waiting lists (including ECTLC), twenty eight- day hotel vouchers and temporary cold weather shelters (tents) being the flagship services provided by numerous homeless service providers.

When you consider that an estimated $630,000,000 of taxpayer’s money is spent each year to provide these temporary services to an estimated 10,000 homeless people in San Diego County, it is baffling. Although there a few good service providers that do, in fact, facilitate long lasting change, it is still very costly to everyone who pays taxes. That is why I believe it is by Divine Providence that ECTLC was able to offer permanent life changing solutions for over 1500 men, women, and children for less than two million dollars! We were able to provide permanent solutions for over 10% of the county’s homeless population by generating 80% of our own funding through work therapy projects, program fees, and faithful donations from people like you.

Ten years ago, we were privileged to witness over 300 tradesmen and 30 contractors come together to build a 2000 square foot addition to our existing structure. What made this amazing was the fact that these men and women joined together to participate helping our little ministry and it was quite a spectacle to say the least. They came from a variety of faiths, including some with little or no particular faith and they actually built the addition in twelve hours and twelve minutes. They subsequently went on to form the East County Posse and have spent millions of dollars and volunteer hours helping those in our community who are in need.
This year, with your prayers and financial support, we hope to see the East County Posse come together again and build the two new buildings that will enable us double our capacity to house and minister to those families that we currently have to put on long waiting lists. Not only that, but I am excited to think that it will Glorify God mightily as we see and estimated 600 tradesmen and 40 contractors of various faiths come together to build 2 buildings in less than a day at a fraction of the cost of past federally funded projects of similar size. It will be an awesome display of God’s Divine Handiwork! We have almost half of the $1.2 million raised so far and I want ask you to seriously pray about supporting this vision.

Yes 2017 was indeed an exciting year as we labored to add to The Kingdom of God and teach people the truth that would set them free from a lifetime of bondage. I pray that you will continue to pray and financially support our efforts to see 2018 become the Year of Awe.

Be Blessed as You Continue to Seek Ways to Bless Others,

Harold Brown