Family Restoration

Stress can break a family apart. It might be drugs or jail, poor financial decisions and/or job loss, abuse, neglect, violence, or any number of issues. Some children have seen, heard, and done things that no child should know about. The family unit–a concept that God created–has deteriorated and nearly died.
Whatever the reason for a family crisis, we know that a life without

Christ is a life without peace, joy, and stability. Jesus can change poor parenting habits, hurtful language, abusive discipline–things that create future family problems, and a new generation of broken families.
ECTLC offers a Christ-centered, minimum one-year program to restore families to wholeness, to help moms, dads, & children heal. School-aged children are immediately registered for school. Parents attend Bible studies, scripture

based parenting classes, anger management and Bible-based drug & alcohol recovery meetings. We offer GED preparation classes, and access to our Resource Center to prepare resumes, practice job interviews, and search for work online. We will help families without vehicles get to doctor appointments, court dates, child welfare and child custody meetings.

The goal is to mend the broken family and restore relationships that have been strained by poor lifestyle choices. We will case-manage on an individual basis to restore child custody, heal marriages that have suffered from homelessness & addiction, and prepare them to return to their community restored, employed, and whole. It is our sincere desire that a family be healed by the saving power of Christ Jesus.

This program is funded by program fees paid by the families. The length of stay past 1 year depends on the family case plan, their move-out options, & income.

Click here for family restoration application.

Steps to get on the ECTLC Transitional Living /Family Restoration Program Waiting list

  1. Print it out the appropriate packet PDF document for the program you are considering. Make sure you watch the video for FRP first if you choose FRP.
  2. Fill it out
  3. Call and schedule a short 15 minute initial interview where we will go over the completeness of the paperwork including
  4. – all awards letters

    – all social security cards

    – all id card copies

    – pay stubs

  5. At that interview you will also be screened for no warrants, no smoking, no sex offenders and no medical marijuana cards

Once you pass the initial interview you will be put on the waiting list.

*if you have any questions about how to fill out one particular section then please leave it blank.