Transitional Living

When the economy recessed in 2008, many families fell through the cracks of a system unprepared for a housing crisis. These families received foreclosure notices, or their landlords were foreclosed upon, or rents became more than they could bear. Whatever the reason, folks who still worked or had other incomes were suddenly faced with imminent homelessness. They came face-to-face with a nightmare!

Faced with living in their cars or on relatives’ floors, many of these families have found a clean, safe place to live here at ECTLC, while they save money to find a new apartment. Rooms are limited, but this is the basis for the Transitional Living Program at ECTLC.

For a nominal program fee, a family can reside in a 200-sq-ft room with beds, bathroom, refrigerator, & TV, all utilities paid, with opportunities to eat breakfast, lunch, & dinner at scheduled meal times. In this way, they are able to bank enough money for deposits, first & last months’ rent, and all the other things that come with moving into a new place. The economy is better, but the initial move-in can be tough on folks who’ve lost so much!

This is not a Christ-centered program, and families are not required to attend Bible studies and classes, although it can certainly be beneficial and is not discouraged.

Length of stay is determined by income, case plan, household needs, available rooms and exit strategy. However, every 28 days the family is required to pack up and spend the night at a place of their choosing–usually the motel across the street. This complies with state-mandated residency laws, and protects both parties from legal complications.

This program is funded by the participants.

Click here for Transitional Living Program Application

Steps to get on the ECTLC Transitional Living /Family Restoration Program Waiting list

  1. Print it out the appropriate packet PDF document for the program you are considering. Make sure you watch the video for FRP first if you choose FRP.
  2. Fill it out
  3. Call and schedule a short 15 minute initial interview where we will go over the completeness of the paperwork including

    – all awards letters

    – all social security cards

    – all ID card copies

    – pay stubs

  4. At that interview you will also be screened for no warrants, no smoking, no sex offenders and no medical marijuana cards
  5. Once you pass the initial interview you will be put on the waiting list.

*if you have any questions about how to fill out one particular section then please leave it blank.