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Supporting Homeless Families with East County Transitional Living Center

At East County Transitional Living Center, we witness the heart-wrenching impact of homelessness on families every single day. This heartbreaking reality is tragically common in cities around the world, where countless families are left to navigate the harsh realities of homelessness and poverty. Despite the bustling activity of the city, their voices often go unheard, their suffering overlooked.

Yet, amidst this despair, there shines a beacon of hope—you. 

Help ECTLC close the gap between our increasing costs and monthly income. Your contribution helps provide for our children, women, and men, a comfortable room with a warm bed, private full bath, meals, clean clothing, transportation, and supportive services toward self-sufficiency. 

Categories of Giving:

We offer flexible donation options with $50, $100, and $300 monthly commitments. By pledging for one year at any of these levels, you can make a real difference. A monthly commitment of just $50 helps an individual stabilize from homelessness, providing the foundational support they need to rebuild their lives.

At the $100 level, your contribution can significantly aid a small family in crisis, while a generous $300 monthly donation helps restore a large family. Your support at these levels provides safe emergency housing and meets essential needs including food, clothing, baby supplies, and toiletries. Additionally, our dedicated staff assist these families in connecting with county services to find sustainable long-term solutions.

Notably, if you choose to support us with $300 or more each month, we will honor your generosity by placing a commemorative plaque in one of our rooms, identifying you as the sponsor.

Join us in our commitment to offer hope and help to those in need. Your contributions not only change lives but also create lasting partnerships.


$ 50 Month

Small Family

$ 100 Month

Large Family

$ 300 Month