Stories of Hope


Meet real people who have been transformed through ECTLC


"ECTLC blessed Carol Garlow on her last full day on Earth."

“Now I LAY my head down at night and sleep well.” ~ Steve

“I Was slowly hiding myself from people.” ~ Darnelle

“I’m an ex-mafia mexican member.” ~ Juan

“Pastor Alan Stood up and said, i’ll take him right now to ECTLC.” ~ Tyler

“i’ve struggled with addiction my whole life.” ~ Harmony

“god’s telling me, don’t be angry anymore. Forgive.” ~ Faith

“BY BEING HERE, my opportunities are endless.” ~ Desiree

“GOD WANTED ME HERE on miracle mountain.” ~ James

“ working in the streets, I’m always smiling and laughing.” ~ Joey

“without this program i don’t know where i would be.” ~ Robert

“I’m now going to college for Entrepreneurial studies.” ~ Chrystal

“I want to repair those relationships.” ~ Miles

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