Family Restoration Ministry

Rescuing families off the street and into safety is at the heart of ECLTC. Within our one-year Christ-centered program, families have the opportunity to become whole again. With hope as an anchor, all things become possible.


Employment and long-term housing


ECTLC is far more than just a shelter

Families who allow God to be in control of their lives experience a miraculous transformation within ECTLC’s one-year Family Restoration Program. A compassionate case manager will guide each family through our four-phase program that includes:

Our one-year, faith-based program will transform your family

Family Restoration classes and support for families

The families we serve have often been exposed to many harsh and painful circumstances - the by-product of surviving in a car, temporary shelter, or on the street. The Christian environment at ETLC is for deep, permanent healing, that supports a new way of life.


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Watch this short video about our Family Restoration Program which offers wholeness for families who choose to commit


Parents "ace" our ACE Overcomers Program

Parents who participate in our family program will have the opportunity to attend the ACE Overcomers course. Our staff are certified instructors for the ACE Overcomers curriculum, and offer expert guidance in breaking the generational cycle of child abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction for good.


“The structure and consistancy has been awesome for myself and the children - breakfast, lunch and dinner, classes throughout the day.”


Help end the bondage of homelessness