Meet Our Team


Our team is comprised of people who have “walked in their shoes”

Many ECTLC graduates have become volunteers, mentors, or are now serving on staff. Their choice to stay connected and work for ECTLC is a testimony to the programs effectiveness.

These overcomers are servant leaders who understand first hand the pain of trauma, abuse, brokenness and addiction. Our staff members model courage, reject victimhood, and embrace transformation.


Our ECTLC staff members model courage, reject victimhood, and embrace transformation. Today, they lead productive and meaningful lives 

We know that homelessness and poverty are complex issues, with no one size fits all solution

Homelessness presents a unique challenge because it is not an isolated issue. The roots of homelessness are tangled within every other major issue we face as a county: high housing costs, low minimum wage, a lack of mental health services, substance abuse and poverty. At ECTLC, we are committed to dig anyone who is ready, out of this trench.

Thanks to ECTLC, the City of El Cajon provides the most housing resources for people experiencing homelessness out of any other city in the county per capita. Our ultimate goal is to restore lives permanently through a process of deep healing of core issues. Our process creates healthy families, healthy people, and healthy communities. 

Executive Staff

Ivan Andujar

Chief of Operations

Valerie Proctor

Director of Finance

Helen Zamora

Director of Development

Jason Kang

Chief Programs Officer

Directorial Staff

Melissa Alvarez

Director of Family Services

Jonathon Heuberger

Director of Men's Discipleship

Diane Wheeler

Director of Women's Discipleship

Robert Jefferies

Director of Food Services

Lewis Biszant

Director of Outreach

Board of Directors

Tim Corcoran

Board Secretary

Jack in the Box Senior Manager,
Corporate Projects

Robert S. Whitelaw


California Bank & Trust
Senior Vice President

Gregory M. Brown


New West Investment Group, Inc. Principal

Deborah R. Boye

Board Secretary

JP Morgan Chase Associate Investigators

Charles A. Long, PsyD


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Joel Sanders


Indian Hills Camp General Manager

Nikki Caraveo


CGP Maintenance & Construction
Services, Inc. Chief Financial Officer

Rolland Slade

Chairman Emeritus

Meridian Baptist Church Senior Pastor

Programs don’t change people, Jesus does