House of Music Graduation

House of Music Graduation

Our kids are learning music and discipline while having fun!

For over a year now The House of Music has been assisting the children at East County Transitional Living Center through weekly classes that teach not only lessons with the percussion instruments but learning music basics and how to read music charts. 

Silvio Diaz, the amazing talented instructor, has worked alongside Chris Springer and Catherine Rells every Saturday bringing joy, self-esteem and love to every child in the class. This is an experience that will always be remembered for these children. Many of these children have experienced disappointment, neglect, and dealt with circumstances that were heart breaking. The compassion and stability of these classes has an effect that can be life-changing.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Chris and Catherine these children have had an opportunity to perform a live show at the Rady’s Shell with Cuba Llego on May 1st, 2022 in front of nearly two thousand people. They have experienced a graduation for their class and been awarded a beautiful instrument from the House of Music.

We can not express how grateful we are to everyone that has been a part of these classes. The students have learned so many valuable lessons and they have blossomed into confident, happy, children.

House of Music Graduation2
House of Music Graduation3

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