60 day shelter for families

Providing a safe, stable, no-cost home for families is the first step towards living an independent life. Our supportive community offers guidance every step of the way, from our simple intake process to introducing a solid plan for the future.

3 day shelter for individuals

Within 3 days, singles without children are provided a stress-free, no-cost environment where they are presented with program options that can provide a stable future.


Professional guidance in a stable environment


The first step to an independent life

ECTLC has spent decades successfully working with addicts, the homeless, and the broken. Our 60 day emergency shelter is the first step in providing stability by meeting the physical needs of families through housing, routine meals, clothing, and more. Free from the stress of living in a car or on the street, they now have a safe environment where the focus is on developing a plan with a professional counselor. Within 60 days, life becomes clear and parents are able to make positive decisions about their families future.

The next step to recovery and complete independence is enrolling in one of our long-term, faith-based programs.

Point of contact: 619.749.3077

Our 60-day secular program offers emergency shelter for people with children

Our 3-day secular program offers emergency shelter for individuals without children

If you have the desire to change, we can help you

The street or a car was never intended to be someone’s home. Since our beginning in 2009 we have helped thousands of men and women overcome unforseen circumstances, and poor life-choices.

For 3 days, participants can sleep in a warm bed, eat 3 meals a day, take showers, and be offered the chance for a new life through our long-term program options. This is the beginning for those who are truly ready to start over.

Point of contact: 619.749.6417

Who we can help

We can help anyone who is serious about taking responsibility for their life:


Who we can’t help

We can’t help those who are not ready to follow our proven guidelines or who are:

*Long-term residents are required to physically participate in community service work

**Residents with mental illness must be stable and taking medication 90 days prior to intake. Certain medications are not allowed.

“The judge said, I don’t know why I’m doing this because you should be spending a long time in prison. Instead, I’ll let you go through the progam.”

- Tyler Wakefield

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